We are planning a litter for the spring 2022.
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Pictures of parents and links to health testing below.  Click on photos to enlarge.

AKC Champion and Top Producer, CH Rannod Forever Dancin' "Jitterbug"! Bred by Donna Raymer. Thank you Jennifer Manders for this sweet and beautiful dog! To view his health testing click on his picture, then click on "Go to Link".

Tula winning in KC

AKC Champion "Tula". To view her health results click on her photo, then click on "Go to Link".

AKC Champion "Tula"

AKC Champion, Tula on grooming table preparing to show.

Champion Lonestar

AKC Champion Lonestar. Bred by Cynthia Sublett To view his health testing click on his photo, then click on "Go to Link".

Champion Lonestar





McKenzie is beautiful! To view her health testing click on her photo, then click on "Go to Link".


Echocreek Caralot Rumour Has It, aka "Millie". Bred by Julie Bogart & Rebecca Bertouille To view health testing click on her photo, the click on "Go to Link".




Riley and Jasper almost 3 DOB 4-17-2017 Millie Pups


Riley Brosteun 12-19


Jasper Brostuen 12-2019


Echocreek She Will Be Loved, aka "Mckenzie" Bred by Cynthia Sublett

Quinn Ribbons 1 year

Quinn's Ribbons 1 Year


Quinn practicing in pool


Quinn practicing on a ramp


Sadie, Owned and handled by Sher Yeuroukis, a Lonestar and McKenzie puppy. Now an UKC American and International Champion!!

Macie Mills

Macie loves to play catch and she has quit the jump!

Macie Mills 2
Macie Mills1
Macie Mills 4
Quinn Marcia Bryne Puppy 5-2019_edited

Millie Puppy, Quinn Winning at Barn Hunt Trial!

Louis Mille pup Frederics

Louis, Lonestar and Millie Puppy with his family.


Louis 2 yrs

Louis 2 yr

Louis at 2 years


Chocolate Brown Puppy


Brown and Black miniatures.


Lonestar and Millie's Chocolate Brown Puppy!

Millies pup Ziva Means Family_edited

Ziva, in her forever home. A Lonestar and Millie daughter.

Sadie, Lonestar and McKenzie Puppy


5 week old puppy

5 week old puppies

Miniature Poodle Puppy

Puppy with toy


12 week old puppies

10 week old puppy

Puppy with toy

Puppy playing with toy

Jitterbug as a puppy
Pictures above show Jitterbug as an adult and puppy   
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Puppies are reserved on a first come basis, after the vetting process and with a deposit. We send all health test results and references prior to taking deposits.  We also require petentional owners to complete a detailed questionnaire. 


Call 918-576-4294 or email sublett.echocreek@gmail.com


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Howie is here visiting my girls. We are very thankful to Donna Raymer of Rannod Poodles for sharing him with us. 

Pictured above and 2 pics below.


Canadian Champion Rannod Hardt's The Avi