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Hear what families who own our dogs have to say!

"We trusted you for our puppy. You did everything right from the get-go. I am sold on Echocreek Poodles!"

Maryanne 8-2020

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Hi Cynthia,
Jasper & Ryley (picture on right) are so wonderful!  Everywhere they go, they get so many compliments!  They have awesome temperaments.
They get along so well with each other and other dogs and love people!  They're so fun and happyThey’re both super sweet and love to give kisses.  Ryley is a little more dominant and loves to hog the attention.  No matter what you laugh at, he’s right in your face giving kisses!  Jasper gets a little jealous and likes to use his voice at Ryley.  But they’re such good buddies and play really good with each other.  They’re both spoiled with love and give lots back in return!

  • Tell us how your puppy is doing in general. Include height and weight and anything else you'd like to include!

    Physically Kanga, (pictured above) has a perfect tail and a beautiful head. She looks a bit long in the body but she measures square. . Kanga's right front foot turns out and has white hairs through her otherwise stunning brown coat. David loves the white hairs. Kanga has a long, stride, and would at times rather leap in the air than have her feet on the ground. She is 15.5 pounds, height is 16 inches.

  • Please tell us about any training your puppy has participated in.

    Puppy Head Start, Terrible Teens, Beginner Agility She will continue her education with a minimum of 2 years. After all .... she’s a poodle. Higher education is mandatory.

  • Tell us what your puppy enjoys doing, or what you enjoy doing with your puppy.

    Fetch, run and play. She is rational in that you can understand what she needs or wants. David loves everything about her. Lots of positive, upbeat energy. Not one angry bone in her body. No aggression ; only love me, love you, love me. She can entertain herself. For example: dragging her 4 foot flamingo and tossing it in the air over her back or pawing the door stop “ boing, boing, boing. She is insane over David’s lacrosse stick to the point he has to find different places to hide it She seems to remember ALL his hiding places. She even brings the ball and puts it in the pocket of the lacrosse stick!! She is also good at tracking birds and animals in the yard. My favorite part is the joy she brings my son. They are so in love.  Kanga has just signed up for flyball. She just finished her last intro to agility class and smoked the rest of the class!

  • Please describe your puppy's temperament and personality. How would you rate your puppy's intelligence?

    Kanga is outgoing and curious. Loves being where the people are. Very attentive and persistent, she has us laughing everyday. She is so funny. She is extremely smart. On a 1 to 10 scale definitely a 10. There is a lot of dog to work with. Kanga owns critical thinking skills.

  • Has your puppy had any health issues?

    Kanga tore one of her foot pads running around the pool. There wasn’t any bleeding ( thank goodness) She has healed completely. It did require a trip to the ER for dogs. We won’t be making that mistake again. She wouldn’t eat her vitamin so we switched to powder. She is a good eater and drinks plenty of water.  DOB 11-12-17 @ 9 months

  • Please give us an update of your puppy's first year of life.

    Sundance is doing well. Upon bringing her home she potty trained quickly and fit right in with our family. She is great with our 21 month old son and spends most of her time chasing him around the house. She has been kept vaccinated and has been spayed. She participated in 12, hour long puppy training sessions. She enjoyed these very much. She is very smart, and aside from obviously still being a puppy and exhibiting normal puppy behavior, she is generally well behaved.

  • Would you recommend Echocreek Poodles to family and friends?


  • What are the best things about your puppy?

    Hands down the best thing about Sundance is how well she interacts with our toddler. She has never once gotten angry with him or exhibited any kind of aggression towards him, even on the occasion that them chasing each other around the house end with them toppling over each other. She is very loyal and does not stray from home even when we spend time in the front yard rather than the fenced in back yard.

  • Is there anything you would change about your puppy?

    Aside from tearing up the yard while trying to catch the pocket gophers that have been the bane of her existence, and her cat-like fascination with sparkly Christmas tree ornaments, she is well behaved and there is not anything we would change about her.

  • What is the weight, height, and overall appearance of your puppy?

    She is 12" tall, weighs 11 pounds and has a thin build. Visitors usually comment on how long her legs are.

  • How has the health of your puppy been? Please let us know of any challenges.

    Sundance has been very healthy aside from a stomach bug that she picked up shortly after bringing her home. That was remedied with a single trip to the vet and medication. We have had no health problems or concerns since. She is on monthly heartworm preventative and is the picture of health so far.  3-19-17 @ 12 months

  • Tell us how your puppy is doing in general. Include height and weight and anything else you'd like to include!

    Ezekeil(Zeke) Weight: 20 lbs two weeks ago; ptobably a little more now Height: ?? Very handsome with shiny, black curls, bright intelligent eye, white teeth, big feet that he’s growing into rapidly., slim waist and hips with broader shoulders Zeke loves to jump! He can jump up and almost look me in the eye. I’m 5’2”.

  • Please tell us about any training your puppy has participated in.

    Zeke and I have had three sessions with a young lady outside of Stillwater. She has worked on basics and behavior,; walking with me, greeting others, how to act when others want to pet him. That’s a costant challenge since we live and walk on the OSU campus.

  • Tell us what your puppy enjoys doing, or what you enjoy doing with your puppy.

    Zeke and I love taking walks. However, his pulling me and wanting to go back and forth in front of me is a constant challenge. He’s a. Champion fetcher of balls, sticks, etc. He loves to throw Joes cups, or a long strap up in the air and get under them like a baseball player to catch them. He watches tv , and he watched all of the movie Bolt with me. Zeke looks in a full length mirror and can’t figure out why he can see me in it and I’m also standing behind him. He tries to get into the mirror.

  • Please describe your puppy's temperament and personality. How would you rate your puppy's intelligence?

    He has a playful, loving temperament but will bark and sass me when I get after him. He’s very playful but is ready for a nap, almost anytime. He can entertain himself very well. but he wants to keep an eye on me. Probably the most intelligent dog I’ve had .

  • Has your puppy had any health issues?


Oliver Carey 1 year.jpg
  • Tell us how your puppy is doing in general. Include height and weight and anything else you'd like to include!

  • Oliver's, (pictured above) weight is 17lbs. Height is about 14” at the shoulder. He has a perfect mouth of teeth. Coat is thick and shinny groomer said it is a show coat. He walks with a gait tail and head up like he is showing. Personalty is strong

  • Please tell us about any training your puppy has participated in.

  • He has been in a group class obedience when he was six months old he has also been taking a private class I now have a private trainer for him and he is in rolled in an ongoing Agility class

  • Tell us what your puppy enjoys doing, or what you enjoy doing with your puppy.

  • We take an Agility class together we both look forward to it and he does extremely well he does the weave the jump the tunnel the seesaw and is now learning to do the skateboard he enjoys every challenge he is given. He is learning skate boarding. He is my best friend and I try to give him as many challenges as he can handle.

  • Please describe your puppy's temperament and personality. How would you rate your puppy's intelligence?

  • His temperament is upbeat and very happy with a very strong need to be challenged The trainers and the vet Find him to be very intelligent and I agree he would like to be the alpha in this house but it’s not gonna happen

  • Has your puppy had any health issues?

  • At his last check up the vet said that he is a very healthy and well built puppy  DOB 11-28-17


Cynthia and Doc,

My wife and I purchased a miniature poodle from you 17 years ago! We drive up from Plano, TX. to pick him up. We named him Smokey and he was a joyous part of our life for all these years.


I say 'was' because I am sorry to report that our Smokey died of natural causes on April 10th. He went peacefully in his sleep. He was a wonderful dog and lived quite the life! He travelled with us to Colorado, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and many other places! He was quite the swimmer and spent many happy days with us in our pool. He will be missed greatly.


At any rate, we are possibly looking for another puppy and you are the folks we first thought about. I hope you are still around! 


Please let me know that you are still breeding wonderful little pups that want a loving home.

Subject: Sam and Nettie  3-3-2020

Message: Hello Cynthia -- just a quick update on my super dogs. Nettie is 10, in good health, and never met anyone she didn't instantly fall in love with. Just a sweetie. Sam is 9, also in good health, is reserved around strangers, and barks like crazy when the doorbell rings or he spots the neighborhood squirrel in the backyard. Over the years people would come up to me when I was walking the dog or at the vets office and ask me where I got the dogs and I would give them your contact information. It has been a decade of sheer enjoyment for me to have Sam and Nettie. They are perfect. Hope all is well with you and your family.


  • Tell us how your puppy is doing in general. Include height and weight and anything else you'd like to include!

    Winnie is a joy to be around! She is such a wonderful addition to our family She is almost 15 inches tall at the shoulders, weighs 11 pounds and is all legs! We get compliments on her all the time when we are out and about.; people always want to pet her. Our vet and groomer have also commented on what a beautiful poodle she is!

  • Please tell us about any training your puppy has participated in.

    No formal training.

  • Tell us what your puppy enjoys doing, or what you enjoy doing with your puppy.

    Winnie loves playing (fetch, indoor play, outdoor play, playing with people and other dogs). Winnie is very curious, observant and loves watching all the activity at the neighborhood park across the street. Winnie loves walks and car rides. She loves to be with her family and help with all activities of daily life. Winnie loves to prance, leap, and hop around when playing. She can run fast and jump high! Winnie enjoys joining a group of neighborhood dogs for a nightly walk around the park.

  • Please describe your puppy's temperament and personality. How would you rate your puppy's intelligence?

    Winnie is friendly, affectionate, and loving. She is very smart. Winnie picks up quickly on new commands and never misses anything that is going on in the house. She is active but when tired is ready to cuddle.

  • Has your puppy had any health issues?

    Winnie had some puppy dermatitis that cleared up and recently she had a mild UTI.  DOB 11-28-18 @ 9 months

  • Tell us how your puppy is doing in general. Include height and weight and anything else you'd like to include!

    Phryne is a beautiful girl and is a graceful, intelligent "tom-girl" that loves to run, dig, chase, play soccer, and squeak her toys (especially when I am on the phone.) She LOVES people and has moved on from her puppy biting teething phase to a licking everyone phase. She also LOVES her groomer Tiffany, and LOVES her vet Dr. Jason and all the girls at the office (they call her French Phry). She has improved dramatically with her grooming, and has no problem with ear plucking, whether at the vet or with Tiffany, however, she still HATES having her front paws messed with and can squirm and wriggle around like a silly girl. Her two favorite things to do in life are play Frisbee, and soccer. She can now catch her Frisbee in the air and is very proud of herself - she jumps and twists and flies through the air like a border collie! We only take walks now in the early morning, or later in the day when it cools off, but before the mosquitoes come out - a very short window of time. She is good on leash, but still gets soooo excited to see people that she pulls and wants to run....more work to be done when "walking weather" returns. She still likes to chase the cat , but they seem to be getting more used to each other...she wants him to play with her and he just wants to stare at her in a judgemental fashion. She is potty trained outside, and also on her grass path in the garage, and she goes to the garage door if its at night, or raining....thank goodness for me! I love her soooooo much, and everyone she meets at the Petco , or PetSupermarket always comment on how gorgeous she is. Oh - she also loves to play with other dogs now - she used to ignore them in favor of their "people." She's played with a standard poodle, mini poodle, toy poodle, siberian husky, labs, and german shephards...when the older dogs let her know they are done playing, she lays down next to them and waits a few minutes, before starting up again! I could go on and on......

  • Please tell us about any training your puppy has participated in.

    Phryne has been through puppy 1, and puppy 2 training, and goes to puppy playtime every weekend (almost) for an hour. I also spend about 2 hours each day training inside and outside. She knows her sit, down, stay, come (although she selectively does that still...especially if an interesting butterfly, or something captures her attention), and she is doing pretty good at wait...she knows to sit and wait before she can go through the door. I will take her to some type of activity and futher training once she has her spay procedure in 2 weeks.

  • Has your puppy had any health issues?

    Phryne has had only one issue - she had an ear infection in both ears. Dr. Jason determined the humidity and the fact that her ear hair grows in very quickly and very dense in her ears helped it along. After a course of otomax and regular (daily) cleaning with Pharmaseb flush, it finally went away. I now have her ears plucked every time she is groomed, and checked regularly at the vet.  DOB 10-17-17 @ 14 months

  • Do you have any comments about your puppy or the purchase process?

  • We are so pleased with our puppy, Frenchie from Echocreek Poodles, we spent a year researching breeders, with a lot of prayers. We more than got our money's worth from this Beautiful, Smart, Intelligent, easy to train Poodle. No, amount of money could ever buy him from us! We bonded with this little guy the first day we got him.

  • Would you recommend Echocreek Poodles to family and friends?

  • yes

  • What is your favorite thing to do with your puppy?

  • Walks, training sessions, watching other pet owners bonding and playing with him, because he has so much personality!

  • Do you have anything else to share?

  • We have had a cold, wet winter since Frenchie came home. He is so athletic loves to run, jump, dance and play we will have much more to share when the weather gets warmer. This little guy Never stops wanting to learn new things! He has brought much life back into our home! (sometimes too much) LOL 

  • Date of report 1-12-2019

  • Do you have any comments about your puppy or the purchase process?

  • I have never had such a happy and completely pleasant puppy. She is a joy to be around. There is never a dull moment with Quinn and she loves having the two older dogs home with her. (Benson is Bennet and Ally's pup and my daughter's mini Schnauzer, Lily) Quinn has been going to puppy classes, barn hunt competitions to watch and get a sense of it, agility training classes with Lily and is a great car traveler. When she is 6 months old we feel she is going to be great at agility and barn hunt and we can't wait to start her. This is my third Echocreek poodle and I have complete faith in Cynthia as a breeder. Her puppies have been the loves of my life!

  • Would you recommend Echocreek Poodles to family and friends?

  • yes

  • What is your favorite thing to do with your puppy?

  • I am enjoying teaching her to do the commands at the puppy class. She is very bright and catches on quickly.

  • Do you have anything else to share?

  • she is thinner than I like to see and I have been to the Vet several times to have her tested for parasites and all eight tests were negative. She eats the Royal Canin poodle puppy kibble and Blue Buffalo puppy kibble and a regular Royal Canin puppy kibble and the Vet is not worried about her weight as all blood tests and stool tests are indicating that she is very healthy. Dr. Watson feels that once she is settled down and less of a busy puppy then she will put on weight.

  • Date of report 1-25-2019

  • Tell us how your puppy is doing in general. Include height and weight and anything else you'd like to include!

  • Tucker is a beautiful miniature poodle. When I say beautiful I mean temperament as well as physique. We receive compliments from everyone from tour vet, to the groomer, to our neighbors. He is active and smart. He runs with my active teenage boys. He has learned many commands and in general has a desire to please personality. He loves to be with our family wherever we might go! I could not ask for a better addition to our "pack".

  • Please tell us about any training your puppy has participated in.

  • Tucker started his training with Doc and Cynthia Sublet. When we brought him home he was able to understand come, sit, and (lie) down. He has added to these: high five, shake, roll over, off, no bark and stay. He actually rings a bell to go outside. He has also taught himself how to open our pantry door

  • Tell us what your puppy enjoys doing, or what you enjoy doing with your puppy.

  • He loves to play fetch and tug. He loves to run and wrestle with my boys. ( yes this includes my husband) He will also watch TV with us. His favorites are shows with dogs and horses, however, at Christmas we discovered his love for Rudolph.

  • Please describe your puppy's temperament and personality. How would you rate your puppy's intelligence?

  • He is sweet, willing to please, loving, and happy. He is very smart. My two teenage boys taught him most of his tricks. He was able to learn each one after only a couple of days each. He has learned to tell us what he wants. If his water bowl is empty he rolls it next to the wall. At first he would not let us know he wanted to go outside. We hung a bell on the door and he now rings the bell when he wants to go outside. And he LOVES to be outside and run and prance!

  • Has your puppy had any health issues?

  • Tucker is very healthy. And has only been to the vet twice. These were for wellness checks and shots.

  • 9 mo questionnaire 3-'20

Follow Quinn's Journey!  She continues to excel in all she tries!! 

Congratulation Quinn and Lauren and Marcia!

Quinn turned one year old on 9/11/19. We thought we would write to you about Quinn’s first year. What an amazing year she has had! Quinn graduated beginner and Intermediate training. She passed her AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy test (with flying colors) and will next be enrolled in a CGC class with hopes of passing that test as well. She is showing great strides with obedience training and will hopefully compete in Obedience and Rally.

She has been successful in Barn Hunt earning her RATI (instinct) title and earning a couple Novice level legs (often with a first place and even a High In Class). She has begun the “dog sport life” and is doing well with long car rides to events and hotel stays. She is friendly with people and dogs at these events. Everyone remarks at how beautiful she is! She has gone as far as western Pennsylvania and western New York. She even got to visit Niagara Falls!

Where she really shines is agility. She is athletic and nimble, making the sport look easy. She is keen to learn new things, and loves to RUN around the course! She is eligible to begin competing agility at 15 months of age, so she is a few months away, but we look forward to seeing her excel in this sport.

At home she is very playful. She loves to play with 13 year old Benson (a Bennett son from you!) and 4 year old mini schnauzer, Lily. She is a goofy, loving dog who keeps us laughing. We are happy to have her in our lives and look forward to the journey ahead with her.

We hope to write you many more emails about her successes. Thank you for producing such joyous, loving, and healthy dogs. We have included many photos. We hope they bring you a smile.

Marcia, Lauren, Benson, and of course Quinn.

I have included a photo from her Barn Hunt Trial this morning.

Quin laying on turf.jpeg
Quinn in mid air AKC.jpeg

UPDATE From Quinn 9-2021

Hello Cynthia and Doc,

Echocreek Skyfall, RATNX, DNA, DJA “Quinn” (Millie x Lonestar) just had her third birthday so I thought I would let you know what a wonderful year she had!

Quinn just completed her first full season with North America Diving Dogs (NADD). Quinn earned her Dock Novice Advanced, Dock Junior, and Dock Junior Advanced titles this season. She earned an invite to compete at the Northeast Regionals, in which she competed on her birthday, 9/11/21. She finished Regionals in 5th place in the Junior division. She also finished the season as the #3 mini poodle in all of NADD! She has won various placements throughout the season and has received many plaques and ribbons. Every time she jumps, it’s with her whole heart!

She also competed in Barn Hunt. She became the first mini poodle to earn a RATNX title. She is quite the rat hunter! She is very close to being the first mini poodle to earn a RATNX2! 

Quinn also competed in her first Fast CATs (Coursing Ability Test). It’s a 100 yard dash after a lure. In her best run of the season, without even running hard, she completed the course in 11 seconds and clocked 20 mph! She is quite the little speed demon! She is very close to earning her first FastCAT title. She gets a lot of practice chasing bunnies in the backyard (and she nearly catches them). She loves to “get da bunny”!

Her favorite sport continues to be agility. She is doing WONDERFULLY in training. We are getting ready to debut in agility competitions, but we are working on a few of the more difficult obstacles. Her heart leaps over every jump. She tries so very hard to please.


She is an intelligent, joyous, goofy girl who brings smiles to our faces. Much like her mother Millie, she runs the house! I have included many photos of Quinn during the year. If you would like more or higher quality photos, I can send them. 


 We hope you are doing well,

Lauren Byrne (and Quinn and Benson the 15 year old Bennett son!)

Update 2022!!: Quinn will be competing at North America Diving Dogs Invitational Championship in Springfield, Missouri. It's relatively close to Oklahoma so I thought that was cool she would be near you guys. I am very proud of her for earning an invite two years in a row! She continues to enjoy her sports and has had new titles and successes in many venues. She earned her first lure coursing title (BCAT) in FastCAT. It's a 100 yard dash after a lure. Quinn hits speeds around 20 mph completing the course in about 10 seconds. She is also the first and only mini poodle to earn a RATNX2 in Barn Hunt. She continues to excel in agility and will be competing over the winter. I should have a bunch of professional photos of her competitions coming soon. I will be sure to send you some. She is such a versatile little dog and has done so much to be proud of. 


Take care,

Lauren, Quinn, and 16 year old Benson (son of Bennett) who is still doing great!

Quinn and Lauren on Deck_edited.jpg
Quinn in mid-air.jpeg


Just wanted to let you know he's doing really great. He is sooo calm, even with all the storms down here, sleeps 7-8 hrs in his crate every night, real good in the car, eats great, and is responding real well to training. Knows his name now, sits on command, and when he sees the treat bag, doing good with potty, and loves everybody. He's a lovebug for sure.

Loves to play but calms down and actually acts older than he is.

Goes back to vet on 15th for rest of shots. Weighed 9.6 on 7/25. Bet he's 11 lbs by now. Vet said he has the best disposition of any dog he's seen in a very long time. 

Feels like he's been here forever and we love him so much.  Can't thank you enough for such a great dog. 

Will let you know how big he gets!

Oh, and he loves watching baseball....pretty funny! 


Hope y'all are doing well.

Andrea and Cummings... and Rudy


Good morning Doc and Cynthia!!
Daniel and Gloria here.
Daniel speaking. We want you to know.
We love our Oakleigh Grace. She is an integral part of our little family of three.
Goes everywhere with me. On the Ranger, standing on the seat,  head held high, front feet on the dash, wind blowing her ears back! In the pickup or car, on my lap, head on my shoulder or down relaxed. Then after awhile in back to her bed or over on Gloria’s lap.
Just went with us to central Tennessee. Five nights in motels and a visit with my brother. Seems she came home bonded as never before.
Just before we left we FINALLY accomplished a real haircut.
Thank you, thank for this brilliant, adorable, independent, unbelievably fast little twerp!!!!!


  • Owners: Steve and Martha 

  • Dog's Name: Bramble DOB: 5/27/20

  • What do you like best about your dog?

    Bramble is the perfect size dog for this stage of our lives (we are in our early sixties). He does everything a standard poodle can do, yet he's small enough to pick up, load in the car, and snuggle on your lap--which he loves to do. He has a calm, neutral temperament, learns quickly, is outgoing, super playful and affectionate, and gets along well with people and other dogs. In fact, our neighbors, our groomer, and the staff at the doggie day care where he goes once a week to play have all told us what a great dog he is. We agree.

  • Is there anything you would change about your dog?

    Not really. He likes to steal things for attention, especially shoes. Lucky for us, he's easily distracted by treats...

  • What is their weight, height, and the overall appearance?

    Bramble weighs 23 pounds and is 16" high at the shoulder. His coat so far has remained jet black. He has bright, intelligent eyes, a light springy gait, and beautiful conformation.

  • How has the health of your dog been? Please let us know of any challenges.

    Bramble has been healthy overall. He has had a few minor digestive issues (mostly loose stools) for which he was treated with antibiotics. We've switched him to Sensitive Stomachs dog food, which seems to have resolved the problem. He also goes through periods in which he licks his paws obsessively. Our vet thinks this is likely an environmental allergy of some sort. We may try treating him with Cytopoint to see if it relieves the itching.

  • Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

  • Would you recommend Echocreek Poodles? Please explain why or why not.

    We would definitely recommend Echocreek Poodles. In fact, we have already given your name to a couple of people who are thinking about getting a miniature poodle and asked us where we got ours.  10-6-2022


A bit over 13 years ago, we were fortunate to find an 8-week-old, jet black, miniature poodle puppy at Echocreek. Hobbes was a true joy--active, friendly, affectionate and smart. He became a true member of our family, and believed that he was a "human," not a dog. Often a dog becomes attached to one person, such as the person feeding him or playing with him. That wasn’t the case with Hobbes. He was my dog every morning as I did the crossword puzzle and threw his ball for him. He was my husband’s dog for catching frisbees and snuggling on the couch at night. He was a beautiful pooch. His conformation and bearing were top-notch, and I often said that he felt he was “born to the purple.” Hobbes enjoyed life and was always ready to hike in the high desert around Santa Fe. Alas, a few months ago he passed away. We miss him so much, but are ready to add another poodle to our family from Echo Creek. We are hoping to reserve a puppy from your upcoming litter. We trust Echocreek Poodles. You breed fine dogs and take such care to ensure that they are healthy and well socialized.  


Hey! Hope you and your family are doing well. Just wanted to send you pic of our big boy Rudy, with his little neighbor toy girlfriend Molly, on the occasion of Rudy's 1st birthday!! He's doing great, we are surviving puppyhood! Have to tell you he has the BEST demeanor of any dog we've ever had. Never a snarl, a growl a snap or anything like that. He gets along with all people and dogs. Groomer and vet love him. You can take anything out of his mouth anytime and touch him anywhere, no problems. He's pretty active but is calming down. Always happy, smiling and wagging tail. Didn't bake him a pup cake but got him some doggie Ben and Jerry's IC!!  🐩💕🎂👍  3-2023

Subject: Nikko DOB: 2003

Message: HI Cynthia Hope you remember me. It's been a long time and lots of road in between but I wanted to reach out to you to let you that Nikko brought me 17.5 years of wonder and happiness. I just lost him this past June 29 and am still in mourning. You should know he was healthy till the day I lost him. My vet even said he was one of the healthiest and smartest dogs he has ever taken care of. So thank you for breeding healthy and happy poodles. If decide to embark on another journey - I will definitely contact you. Hope you and your family are well. my best Amy (4-4-2022)

Hi there,

We've been taking him everywhere we can in the car and he's been a gem everytime. Had to leave with hurricane and went across the state. He was a trooper through it all. The trip home was 6 hrs and still he was great. You would never know there was a dog in the car.

Happy to report we only had some minor roof damage and are so thankful for that.  


He is the sweetest, lovebug to the max. As you told us, slow to get moving in the a.m.,takes his time getting out of his crate and does his little stretch routine!! He is always by our feet, curled up. Loves everybody.   He's up to about 18 lbs now. 


Thanks again for such a great dog. 


Andrea and Cummings  10-17-22 (Update)

Congratulations Sher and Sadie Yeuroukis! UPDATE!  5-23 From Sher and Sadie

Hi Cynthia and Doc. Sadie and I are just checking in. Sadie is working on her Rally Champion points - also working on Utility in obedience but that’s another story. She finished her CDX with high in trial and is also working on barnhunt (she has her novice title and trials for her first open this Friday) and she loves to find those rats. I’ll send a photo. She enjoys scentwork where she will have finished all 4 novice elements by July. We keep each other busy. She sits on her chair and oversees my training classes.

I think of you from time to time. Especially this time of year as it has been 6 years this month since we met in person and you trusted me with my beautiful Sadie.

I am still thinking of a second pup for performance. I wonder if you have and females that you plan to retire - possibly 5 years or younger?

Sadie My Lady Echocreek.jpg

Update from Sher and Sadie 5-2023

Winning 2 days at the Hurricane Ridge Kennel Club!!

  • June 2: Advanced, Excellent, and Master Rally combined scores High Triple Ribbon

  • June 4: Advanced, Excellent, and Master High Triple Ribbon and a High Combined

Congratulations! Tim and Loki and Pepin!  (Below)


  • In September Tim and Loki (black dog) showed in Topeka and received two legs of Rally Intermediate! And placed Second with a 97 score! 

  • In Kansas City at 3 rally trials. They received perfect scores 100 twice, and first place! Then they scored 94 and 3rd place. 

  • In October they won their Beg. Novice Obedience title in Lawrence,KS. They also took 3rd place with a score of 195. 

  • They also took 3rd place in Rally Intermediate. What a great team!


  • Lisa showed Pepin (silver dog) in Rally, he scored 94! He’s going on twelve soon but still so spunky! (also an Echocreek dog) 

Update April 2023!!  Tim and Loki had a successful week at PCA National Speciality 2023!



  • First Place in Beg Novice Obedience scoring 195.5 

  • Third Place in Novice Obedience Off-leash, scoring 175.5 

  • Second Place in Advanced off-leash 98 

LokiSlavin Ribbons.JPEG

Congratulations Luka and Cathy!!!     


9-25-2022 - Luka earned his Rally Novice title this weekend!!  His scores were 97, 90, &100 (a perfect score) and second place. HE made no errors. I made small handler errors. By the 3rd trial, i had it down. Our second place was because we were 7 seconds slower than a lovely dalmation and his breeder/owner. I am so proud of him. He is a jubilant, willing, loving, beautiful boy!  Cathy

1-27-2024 - I love Luka fiercely, he is my heart dog. He is so perfect for me. He goes with me nearly everywhere, even to the chiropractor and muscle therapy, as well as work, and into most stores. I just want you to know how awesome he is.  Cathy

Luka 9-25-2022 Winning Ribblons
Lukas Ribbons

Hi Cynthia,


Hope you and your family have a beautiful Easter weekend.


Just wanted to send a picture of our boy, Rudy turns 2 today! Not sure how 2 years have gone by so quickly! He's doing great, so friendly with all dogs and people, and is such a good boy. Nothing bothers him still, not even a storm or anything. He is truly an excellent traveler and is looking forward to his next road trip! 


He got groomed yesterday and managed to keep the bandana on for a little while!! He doesn't know it yet but he's getting some Ben and Jerry's pup ice cream for his birthday today!  


Thanks again for all you do, we are forever grateful for our amazing companion!

Andrea 3-30-2024

Rudy Marlow

Mimi is doing so well! She is smart as a whip, joyful, affectionate etc. We are working with a good trainer, Sarah Fricke who contacted you I believe for a client looking for a puppy. That in itself is a compliment to you. Mimi will be spayed in the 9th of January and then some training will begin again with Sarah. She keeps us on our toes but that is good. She can run like the wind. I will send a picture later today. I hope you are all doing well. We could not be happier with Mimi. Thank you. We recommend you, your breeding and your early nurturing highly! Happy 2024

Mimi Kosar

Dipper is doing great still! He’s at work with me today, snoozin in his kennel. 
He’s a fast learner. In addition to sit, he knows how to shake, lay down, and roll over!
And he only drives me a little crazy when he tries to eat every stick and rock in the backyard 😆 but really he’s great I couldn’t have asked for a better puppy.
Hi! He’s doing wonderful and I ended up naming him dipper.
Here he is last week after a groom!  12-22-2023

Dipper Thompson

Good morning. I can’t tell you how much dog joy Dawson has brought to our home.
He is exuberant, playful and loves to have something in his mouth. He still carries around the toy you sent home with him.
Unfortunately, he seems to have a liking for red Christmas ornaments… and undecorates 
one of our trees.

It’s so crazy …. We didn’t expect this joy with a mini poodle.. he is just amazing.
Thanks for being such a great breeder.
Spoken from a person who has only bought purebred dogs for over 40 years   

Happy Holidays from Dave and Jennie .. and Dawson     12-2023 

Dawson Rose_edited.jpg
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